About Our Company

Our Values

J.A.M.’s mission is to become an integral part of our customers’ supply chain by providing competitive, reliable, and stress-free product development and product sourcing services.

We are firmly committed to customer satisfaction and to upholding our core company values:



We believe in conducting our business with unwavering honesty, transparency, and ethical practices. Our commitment to integrity builds trust with our customers, vendors, and team members, and it allows us to forge lasting relationships.



Our customers’ best interests are our only interests. By delivering exceptional products and services, providing timely support, and constantly improving the customer experience, we aim to become a trusted partner for our customers on their journey to success.



We are relentless in our pursuit of fresh ideas and creative solutions to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. Our innovative culture promotes a problem-solving mindset. It drives us to constantly seek better ways of doing things, staying relevant, and exceeding customer expectations.



Collaboration and teamwork are integral to our culture. We believe in the power of diverse perspective, and we support and respect each other’s unique talents and strengths. By working together as a cohesive unit, we leverage our collective intelligence to create a positive impact for all our stakeholders.


Continuous Growth

We are committed to ongoing personal and professional development. We foster a growth mindset that thrives on curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, propelling us to constantly learn, improve, and evolve. Our unwavering dedication to continuous growth empowers us to deliver exceptional solutions and services to our valued customers.

Our Community

At J.A.M., we believe in making a positive impact on the world, not just through our products and services but also by giving back to the communities we serve. We support organizations that are focusing on education, social welfare, and mobility.

Caring Women’s Connection

The mission of Caring Women’s Connection (CWC) is to build connections with its members, the community, and charities they support, and to raise money through fundraising events and donations to help Lake County-based charitable organizations serving women and children and other community programs in need in Lake County.

Free Wheelchair Mission

Free Wheelchair Mission is a humanitarian, faith-based, nonprofit organization that provides wheelchairs at no cost to people with disabilities living in developing nations. Free Wheelchair Mission has provided more than one million wheelchairs to those in need in developing nations since 2001, providing dignity, independence, and hope through the gift of mobility.

Creating Value And Delivering Solutions

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