Company & Team

J.A.M.’s mission is to become a valuable part of our customers’ supply chain by providing competitive, reliable and stress-free contract manufacturing and product sourcing services.


Our U.S. and Chinese professionals provide a degree of advocacy that is unusual in the marketplace. We work hand in hand with you from the start to help you refine your concept and product outsourcing strategy and ensure your products can be manufactured efficiently and cost-effectively.


Long before other manufacturers entered the market, J.A.M. was there — a privately held company that boasts over three decades of solid experience in metalwork manufacturing. Our bi-lingual and multicultural management team understand and respect the nuances and differences between the U.S. and China business cultures. We are skilled at providing a powerful global competitive advantage to small to mid-sized U.S. manufacturers and wholesalers by effectively managing expectations and drawing on the strengths of both cultures.


Your best interests are our only interests. We maintain our own ISO 9001 certified metalwork factory, and two sourcing offices in China. We offer you start-to-finish guidance, manage the highest levels of quality control, and provide you with a seamless and worry-free manufacturing and sourcing experience that delivers value, every step of the way.


A middleman wants to keep you away from manufacturers. A partner — like J.A.M. — does nothing of the sort. If you wish, we will arrange for you to meet your manufacturers, tour their facilities, and get to know them.



Be open, transparent and responsive so you always know what’s happening.
Help improve the design and manufacturability of your products and make certain they are built to your specifications.
Ensure a quality process and result through an ISO 9001 certified factory.
Live up to the terms of your agreement with a powerful commitment to on-time delivery of your products
Maintain an English-speaking staff that’s available during U.S. office hours so you may conveniently transact business.

US Team

  • “I grew up in manufacturing. That means I know what keeps people up at night—and I recognize those concerns can be magnified if products are made thousands of miles away. That’s why we have designed every aspect of our business to give clients peace of mind.”
    Ann Shen
  • "My background in public accounting has allowed me to better understand client’s needs and develop my problem-solving skills. With time spent ‘on the other side of the desk’, I’m able to anticipate client’s thoughts and provide them with prompt and attentive service."
    Carolyn Shen
    Assistant Controller
  • “I enjoy using my scientific and technical background to help our factories bring our customers projects to fruition.”
    Jose Yu
    Director of Product Sourcing

China Team

  • “One of the great pleasures of my job is hearing customers say that my ideas during the R&D phase improved their products, or that our process for manufacturing them contributed to their success.”
    David Dong
    Chief Operating Office and Chief Engineer
  • “My goal is to put our customers at ease. I want to make sure they move forward with complete reassurance that our operations are the most cost-effective, we procure the right materials for their products, and our people are treated and paid fairly.”
    Vivian Zhao
    Chief Financial Officer and Human Resource Manager
  • “Customers are relieved not only because I speak English, but also because I am dedicated to resolving their complex requests and taking care of any issues that come up. I make sure they are always kept informed.”
    Kathy Shen
    Sales & Customer Support Manager
  • “Launching my career in an entry-level position and working my way up means I understand the details of mechanical engineering technology and how products are made. I use this knowledge to help our customers.”
    Jack Yao
    Production Technology & Quality Assurance Manager
  • “I love systems. At J.A.M., I put my passion to work for our customer. They can count on me to thoroughly understand their products and our production processes to ensure everything runs smoothly.”
    Nick Zhang
    Production & Workplace Safety Manager
  • “After 15 years at J.A.M., I am familiar with every detail of the products we make, selecting the right suppliers for each product, and managing these relationships efficiently.”
    Tony Zhao
    Purchasing Manager
  • Organizing complex projects and developing solutions to problems is how I best serve our customers. I work with others to set and achieve goals, so we can create long-term relationships and products with lasting value.”
    Hunter Fang
    China Team Lead
  • “Being bilingual and studying interactive design in Europe are two strengths I bring to the table. I put my background and attention to detail to work by communicating effectively with our customers and suppliers.”
    Wang Jun
    China Team Lead